How to Measure Your Room

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What is a Floor Plan?

A floor plan is a scaled diagram of a room or building viewed from above. Floor plans are extremely useful when designing a room layout and creating your perfect kitchen.

How to create your own floor plan:

Download our step-by-step measuring guide. Start with this simple guide, available to download and print.

Choose an area. It might sound obvious, but determine the area to be drawn. If the room already exists you have a head start! If your new kitchen is going to require an extension or removing a wall, try to give us an indication of the whole space available after the building work is done. We can chat through the logistics of your build requirements on the phone and can even bring in specialists to advise via video chat if required.

Pictures speak louder. If you have video capability on your phone, a great place to start is by taking a video showing us the space available and pointing out any quirky features we need to consider.

Lay of the land. It’s sensible to start with a basic outline of the room and draw in the windows and doors. This really helps us to identify where units and appliances can sit. Don’t worry if these aren’t exactly in the right place, or about adding complex features at this stage. We can discuss those when we chat.

TIP: Just a simple line for a window and an arc for a door showing which way it opens.

Most rooms have four walls, but if your room is L-shaped, you will need to include every wall in your sketch.

If you have graph paper, great, but your drawing does not have to be exactly to scale, and plain paper works just as well to show us the shape of your room.

Size matters. To give us a good idea of the room proportions, it is best to individually measure the room in sections. For example, a corner to the window, then the window. Work in inches or millimetres - whichever you are most comfortable with - just remember to tell us which measurement you have used and try to be consistent across the whole plan.

When you have measured individual sections, if possible, work out the total wall lengths so we can get an idea of the overall room dimensions.

TIP: Measure along the baseboard of one wall, from one corner of the room to another if possible. It helps keep the tape straight!

Mark it up. Mark all the measurements on your room drawing and indicate any key features such as sink location or fireplaces to be retained.

TIP: Note on the paper the room’s directional orientation - north, south, east, or west-facing if you can identify it.

Stay safe! Only if it is safe to do so, measure the overall ceiling height and pop it in a circle on the drawing. We put safety first. So should you!

Ready and waiting. When you’ve got everything together, send your video (if you made one) along with a photograph or scanned copy of your room measurements drawing to Remember to include your full name, address, and a telephone number if possible, so we can get cracking!

Tip: If your files are too large for email, try it’s a free to use online file sharing tool that can handle up to 2GB.

Download our step-by-step measuring guide

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