Every member of the Atlantis team is passionate about kitchens and totally committed to finding the perfect kitchen for you.
  • Client Support through Showroom, Design, The Build and After Care

    We are involved through your entire journey with Atlantis. We individually specialise in certain tasks with your project, be it booking design visits, project management, future care or advice. We are the backbone of the business and understand customers prefer to communicate with experienced, friendly people and not national call centres.

    • Sharon Taylor

      Sharon Taylor - General Manager

      • 29 years with Atlantis
    • Gary Birkett

      Gary Birkett - Technical Manager

      • 27 years with Atlantis
    • Rebecca Luisi

      Rebecca Luisi - Financial Manager

      • 20 years with Atlantis
    • Wendy Faulder

      Wendy Faulder - Customer Support and Administration

      • 20 years with Atlantis
    • Janine Zanetti

      Janine Zanetti - Customer Support and Administration

      • 15 years with Atlantis
    • Catherine Ashley-Dart

      Catherine Ashley-Dart - Customer Support and Administration

      • 19 years with Atlantis
    • Lynn  Nelson

      Lynn Nelson - Customer Support and Administration

      • 10 years with Atlantis
    • Sue Stoll

      Sue Stoll - Customer Support and Administration

      • 8 years with Atlantis
    • Daniel Cafferty

      Daniel Cafferty - Kitchen Designer And Customer Support

      • 6 years with Atlantis
    • Laura Hutton

      Laura Hutton - Kitchen Designer And Customer Support

      • 5 years with Atlantis
    • Sophie Birkett

      Sophie Birkett - Customer Support And Administration

      • 4 years with Atlantis
    • Jamie Hackney

      Jamie Hackney - Technical

      • 13 years with Atlantis
  • Design

    We concentrate all of our time on your design, as this is a key stage in the development of your project and requires a high level of preparation and individual discussion with you. Having visited your home to survey and discuss your requirements through design, transference, computer aided presentations, product specifications, pricing and much more. The impressive dedication and time we put into your unique proposal is vital to creating your dream kitchen.

    • Ian  Radford

      Ian Radford - Sales Director

      • 30 years with Atlantis
    • Stefan  Hutton

      Stefan Hutton - Kitchen Design Executive

      • 20 years with Atlantis
    • Andrey Donsky

      Andrey Donsky - Kitchen & Bedroom Designer

      • 22 years with Atlantis
    • Daniel Cafferty

      Daniel Cafferty - Kitchen Designer And Customer Support

      • 6 years with Atlantis
    • Laura Hutton

      Laura Hutton - Kitchen Designer And Customer Support

      • 5 years with Atlantis
  • The Build

    We take care of warehouse and transport. Your contact with us will be through our friendly delivery driver, but behind the scenes we will be working really hard and with lots of experience and expertise to get all of your equipment to your project and liaise with your technicians to maximise efficiency.

    • Des Donovon

      Des Donovon - Warehouse and Transport Manager

      • 20 years with Atlantis
    • Steve Holmes

      Steve Holmes - Warehouse and Transport Support

      • 7 years with Atlantis
    • Robert Popov

      Robert Popov - Warehouse and Transport Support

      • 7 years with Atlantis
  • Behind the Scenes

    MD Sean has passed the day to day running of the business to expert, experienced managers and support team as the up to the minute detailed knowledge they apply provides the very best service to our clients. "Our management and team are the envy of the industry". Sean takes care of digital and traditional marketing to make sure that we build upon all of our recommendations and ensure that everybody in our area seeking the best kitchen possible, knows our approach. "I try to be a good host for our Atlantis family and come up with ideas for us to spend time together that express my enthusiasm and pride in our team". Caroline ensures that Sean has all the company financial information needed to plan strategy for Atlantis.

    • Sean Cafferty

      Sean Cafferty - Managing Director

      • 31 years with Atlantis
    • Caroline Dawson

      Caroline Dawson - Finance and Marketing Administration

      • 3 Year with Atlantis

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