Laura's Story

Please see below this lovely story from our beautiful and talented young designer Laura...


A few months back a lady and gentleman came into the showroom and booked for Stef to measure their kitchen and do a design and quote. Before Stef showed them their design, he asked me to ‘make it look pretty’. Looking at pictures of their existing kitchen, I gathered that they must like ducks as they had a big poster covered in duck breeds on their wall. So I took a duck picture from the graphics and put it within the design-just a little touch I thought nothing of!

When I saw them with Stef, they said to me joking ‘the sale of this kitchen rests on you finding us that duck picture’. (Turns out they were show duck breeders who had 100’s of ducks).
When someone sets me a challenge like that I take it on. I searched the internet for ages for the picture, and when I eventually decided it wasn’t going to be online, I called the CAD system and found out it was just something they had made up ‘in house’ and didn’t actually exist as a piece of artwork..
Well now it does..
First I drew it, and then I painted it. I bought a mount and a frame to present the painting, and put the drawing in an envelope.
A couple of weeks ago me and Stef went to deliver the painting and drawing to the customers along with some flowers. They were absolutely ecstatic and said they were over the moon with everything Atlantis had done.
Yesterday they walked into the showroom and handed me a card and box of chocolates. I was so chuffed that they were happy. After chatting about how brilliant they believe Atlantis are and how happy they were with our service, they handed me another envelope, saying ‘this ones just for you too, for all your time, treat yourself’. Inside was £60 worth of vouchers for The Punch Bowl Crosthwaite.
I never do things like this for anything in return, I simply wanted to make them feel special, and I wanted to confirm to them they’d made the right choice in choosing us. Such lovely people deserve something lovely!

So there’s your heartwarming Sunday story. I did something lovely for some lovely people, who did something lovely in return.



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