Kitchen colour schemes - how to choose the right one

Your kitchen is at the heart of your home. A place that needs to accommodate cooking, dining and entertaining either individually or all at the same time! Colour can bring together all these elements, creating a warm and welcoming space for family and friends and a vibrant place to cook in.

The psychology of colours in kitchen design

Our favourite colours are drawn from our own experiences from our culture and childhood but colours themselves can evoke a very emotional response and bring a distinct personality to how your kitchen feels.

PINK - can create a calming and nurturing space
ORANGE - perfect if you like lively colours or environments as it’s terrific for encouraging vitality
YELLOW - a playful tone that can offer feelings of cheerfulness, warmth hope and fun
GREEN - ideal to help create a calming ambience associated with the natural world
RED - associated with excitement, passion, raising energy and positive thoughts
BLUE - can offer a calm environment and boost productivity compared to red or white rooms
BLACK - mysterious, sophisticated and alluring a tone favoured by fashion and interior design
GREY - an impartial and soft tone offering a stable environment to experiment elsewhere
WHITE - popular as it reflects light and offers bright and spacious qualities to smaller kitchens

Other factors to consider when selecting a colour scheme

In theory, any colour scheme can be applied to any space. However, depending on the level of natural light available and the size of the room, darker shades may make your space feel smaller and too much light may make a white colour scheme feel too sparse. Our designers, however, can incorporate lighter and darker touches to any combination to provide definition so you can have the colour scheme you want.

Accent colours

Kitchens can utilise a wider range of colours than most rooms in your property with kitchen cabinets, worktops, floor coverings, walls, appliances and kitchen accessories all combining to create your overall kitchen design.

This allows you to be bold with the colour of your kitchen cabinets and balance that with white walls or contrasting floors and worktops, or opt for a neutral shade for your main kitchen and instead choose an accent colour for a kitchen island or splashback.

Colour scheme trends

Many commentators expect nature-inspired hues to be popular in 2023, with an abundance of dark greens, warm neutrals and earth tones.

At Atlantis our popular paint colours are different shades of blue and greys, but we’ve also had a number of clients keen on green kitchen tones as that seems to be the ‘new blue’. Also interesting is that walnut and dark colours in general are making a big comeback. You can view our latest projects for inspiration.

We’ve also noticed a rise in the popularity of coloured tiles as clients look to incorporate more decorative elements into their kitchens.

Looking for your own colour inspiration?

Our showroom has over 50 different kitchens featuring a wide range of colour schemes so you can see different combinations and how they would work together. There’s plenty of bold kitchen ideas, options for small kitchens and of course our team on hand to help bring your full scheme together.

Alternatively, Sheraton has a very handy kitchen visualiser on their website where you can change colour, door styles, handles, worktops, floors and walls - then just pop in with your list and we can put your scheme together.

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