Smart kitchens - transform your space with technology

Whether you’re already controlling your heating via your smartphone or you’re just starting to investigate what’s out there, you will be amazed at what the latest kitchen appliances can do! So we thought we’d dive into this world of technology so you can determine if you want to feature some of this new kit in your kitchen designs.

Firstly we need to explain that there are two different types of smart devices - the connected appliance and the smart appliance. Connected appliances are any that can connect to the internet allowing you to control them over wi-fi. Smart appliances are also connected but have particular features to help the user too.

Smart appliances are the pinnacle of innovative kitchen design, once you’ve seen how they operate and what they can offer a busy household, they are very hard to resist - so read on with care…

What can smart technology offer your kitchen?

Remember the days of the old-fashioned teasmade offering a pre-programmed alarm clock that would serve you up your morning cuppa? Well, things have moved on!

With a Neff Built-in fully automatic coffee machine you can start the brewing process with a simple tap on the downloadable app, ready for when you get to the kitchen. You can create your own coffee playlist and make two cups at once! If you love your coffee this is the ultimate coffee maker for your kitchen.

Smart ovens can do so much more than warm up your casserole ready for when you get home. Bosch’s range of smart ovens can be voice controlled through a connection with your Amazon Alexa allowing you to start your oven even with your hands full. 

 Through their Home Connect app, you can not only remotely start your cooking, but pause it if you hit traffic, so your meal isn’t ruined. If you’re stuck on what to eat in the first place you have access to a range of recipes all tried and tested for your appliance with the perfect settings ready to transfer to your oven at the touch of a button.

Impressed? They’re energy efficient too only using the amount of energy you need to perfectly cook your meal and you can even save energy yourself by checking on your cooking remotely so you don’t miss any of your favourite TV shows!

Your smart fridge on the other hand can recommend dishes you can make from the ingredients you have inside! Keep track of your contents through the inventory system on the app and it will intelligently keep track of expiration dates to reduce your food wastage too! Some even have cameras inside so you can see what’s in your fridge when you’re at the shops so you don’t overbuy.

Appliances can also be customised to your needs with ideal storage and temperatures set for your contents to ensure everything stays fresh for longer.

Better for your kitchen, better for the planet

Smart kitchen appliances also offer the best in energy efficiency. Smart ovens can recommend cooking times for your favourite meals so your oven is only on as long as you need. Smart fridges on the other hand can suggest the ideal shelf for your contents avoiding wastage, warn you when the temperature is too high or too low and offer holiday functions so you can save money when it's not in use.

Smart appliances can revolutionise the way you shop, cook and eat, and save you time and money in the process! If you’re looking to embrace smart technology in your kitchen then our experts can advise the on the latest models and help you create your kitchen of the future - trust us you’ll never look back!

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