Magnificent Mood Boards

The first step in any project we undertake remains ‘understanding the brief’. Our designers find a home visit is essential before they commit pencil to paper on your kitchen design.

With this in mind, we’d like to share some insider knowledge on how to create the perfect mood board to kick start your project.

Mood boards can serve many purposes including pulling together creative inspiration, organising texture samples and coordinating colour palettes. A mood board can help paint a picture of your ideas when words aren’t enough - the closest thing to letting someone climb inside your creative mind. And, throughout your project, a mood board can keep the style and aesthetic consistent and on track.

But how do you make sure your mood board is a cohesive, inspirational expression of your vision rather than a confusing collage? Read on for our top tips on how to release your inner creative genius!

1 - Get out of the kitchen

We may be designing a kitchen, but if the colour that inspires you is a flaming chilli or a fabulous sunset then snap a picture to include on your board.

2 - Picture perfect

For a digital mood board, it's easy to use interior design images you find on Google but you don’t have to stick to on-screen inspiration. Use your phone camera and snap away!

3 - Things to shout about

The more important the element, the more central on your board it should be, and make it large! Building the rest of your board around a few central themes will help you keep ideas cohesive.

4 - Text it up!

Don't ignore the power of words. Well-chosen words can be a fantastic addition to your mood board and support the creative process. An inspirational quote could set the tone and bring your design to life.

5 - Have fun!

Creating a mood board should be fun. Your time to get creative and let your personality shine. A snap of your favourite holiday destination or special place could be just the kickstart you need to get inspired.

Top Tools

Once you've started collecting inspiration, it’s important to choose a flexible and fun way to build your board. Here’s a few of our favourite mood board templates, but we’d love to learn more about your mood board methods!


Probably the best known, Pinterest is a great tool for creating a quick-and-easy mood board, either as a public board or a private one that can be shared with others for collaboration. On the upside, it’s free and can help you follow themes and styles down unusual routes. On the downside, it’s format can be a bit limiting if your creative juices really get flowing!


This dedicated mood board maker, developed by the freelancer community, is free and doesn’t require an account to get started. With GoMoodboard you can get up and running straight away with either a blank template or one of nine ready-to-use variations.


Niice incorporates a ton of functionality into one easy-to-use tool. With Niice, users can source inspirational images, collect them in their own private spaces, and leverage the drag-and-drop interface to whip up a mood board in minutes.

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